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Our Marketing approach and designs are driven by experience, thought, creativity and much consideration to your specific target market, age and gender groups, activation methodologies and the overall goals and expectations you would like to achieve in your business. Whether it be a total identity solution, branding, re-branding, logo, signage, business cards, stationary, a promotion or an entire advertising and marketing campaign you employ us for, all aspects are considered.

Zest Website

The challenge was to create the FIRST National online UIF registrations system for Employers of Domestic and Garden workers in South Africa. We decided to make it more challenging... We designed and programmed from scratch a fully competent Online (Cloud computing) Payroll System, UIF Registration system, Legislative compliant Legal system, Disciplinary interface and support system.

We converted a well designed off-line process-driven system to a fully competent online (web-based) system, considering all aspects of the law and consumer requirements.

A change in legislation demanded Employers of households across South Africa to register each domestic worker for UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), issue a monthly Payslip, track all aspects of Leave, Disciplinary procedures and have all employees sign an Employment contract that conforms to new intricate legislation and specialised customisations.


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Zest Website

GT and Lizelle Lundie started Orange Restaurant in November 2007 and with it, set a benchmark for many other Lowveld eateries. Only two American Express fine- dining awards, two Blazons by the Chaine de Rôtisseurs and a Diner Club Diamond have been awarded in Mpumalanga - one of each awarded to GT, owner and Head-chef. The very dynamic husband and wife team, GT and Lizelle's success may have started with Orange, but they were destined for greater things. They were ready to expand, they were extremely busy and they built an incredibly popular brand. Their natural desire to progress drove them to yearn for their product being introduced to a wider audience, so Orange was left behind and Zest was born.

In addition to enlighten regulars, the restaurant was faced -and had to adapt to -new clientele. Shoppers frequenting the mall at all hours of the day brought a new dimension to almost all aspects of the business. The challenge was to keep the regulars that were used to an upmarket "fine dinning" experience, while catering for the newly found informal and family diners. A few exciting new elements such as breakfast, brunch, an expanded meat menu and a bi-weekly changing Set menu was introduced together with a menu catering for the little ones.

To top the challenges off, there was a need to commercialize GT's Catering expertise and Zest Catering was born. Zest Catering specialise in special functions that cater for almost any occasion, spanning from birthday parties and weddings, to large Corporate events ranging from 10 to 500 guests. The splendid new Restaurant setting, which is uniquely divided into different inside and outside dining sections, caters for anything from the most exquisite Business luncheons to Romantic candlelight dinners, also brought a Conferencing facility into the mix. This upstairs venue can be utilised for Corporate seminars, Corporate functions and Private functions. The venue also boasts with a Cocktail and Cigar Lounge and is fully equipped with all the necessary gadgetry to host a big-screen multi-media presentation


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VERIBIZ  - On-going

With the introduction of Broadband Internet and advanced Internet technologies to the wider South African business community, came the opportunity for mid-market businesses to gain access to quality information which was mostly only accessed by major Credit providers, Banks and large corporations. The fact that a major part of the success of any business can be defined by its ability to instantly access Consumer Trace, Credit and Business critical information through online, web-based data systems, inspired this product.

With the development and launch of VeriBiz version 2.1, now incorporating VERICREDIT, it now offers one of the most catholic & quickest Credit Checking -and Trace tools available on the South African market, accessible to any business with Internet

VeriBiz is a content-enabled data and Internet development firm which expanded from basic online ID verification and SMS technologies to a fully fletched web-based Tracing, multiple Credit Bureau access and Business verification system.

We created an interactive user-friendly portal members can Signup, Login, buy credits with a credit card Payment gateway or EFT and access instant online data. A demand for the provisioning of bulk raw data emerged, so we created an multi-language API (Application Programming Interface) SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface that gives clients instant access to ID verification data via a standard Internet connection.


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Copitel Website

Copitel is an Office Automation (Copiers, Faxes etc.) and Telecommunications company that has among others, the Toshiba agency and specialised Ericsson and Aristel Telecommunications solutions on offer. They were in need of a new Trading name, Website and related Corporate imaging and Stationary. They are a private company, operating in a very competitive market against big national players and established brands.

The task at hand was primarily to establish the newly created COPITEL name as a recognised local Brand name, whilst simultaneously creating the perception that the brand has been around for a long time. We created a digital-feel, information-rich Website that boasts with their Global brands and their local support services. We designed their logo and name to be complimentary to their service offering (Copiers and Telecom's - COPITEL) whilst easy on the tongue and even easier to remember. We are confident that COPITEL will be a recognized brand with a strong presence in a very short time.


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Carlinton Manor

The Carlin family (Paul and Istell) transformed a manor house situated in one the most prestigious areas in Nelspruit into an elegant and sophisticated colonial-style boutique guest house. The Guest house features seven very unique and beautifully decorated suites with a variety of continental antiques and persian carpets. The prestigious double rooms are surrounded by beautiful gardens, uniquely decorated exterior verandas, a stylish swimming pool area, tea gardens, and is adjacent to a well preserved nature reserve.

Their target market is aimed at up-market international and local visitors on their journey to Private game reserves and en-route via the famous Panorama in Mpumalanga, North-eastern South Africa. In a market saturated by thousands of "accommodation style" Websites, our primary goal was to create an interactive Website that not only displayed the beauty, tranquility and elegance of the boutique guest house, but it also had to be uniquely different in all aspects, to effectively catch the web surfer's eye and stand out from the rest.


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VERLEUR - In progress June 2010

A young artist, Bronwynne Verleur wanted a Web presence for her work that does justice to the time and detail she puts into it. We designed an artwork in its own right to showcase the flair of her work, complimenting each category and style and uplift the value of each painting.



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As part of the VeriBiz project, we launched a fully fletched interactive Social network, which was arguably the first of its kind in the world. The Members join via premium rate SMS and through the detail received on the SMS system, a full ID verification of the person with built in intelligence to rate the probability of the person being who they say they are automatically takes place and a "verified" profile of the person is created.


In addition we implemented Chat, Messaging and other user interactive profile functionalities.


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Ranging from comprehensive web development solutions to a basic letterhead design, business cards, brand identity designs, company brochure or marketing activation, Cleozan can assist in all related functions, designs and strategies in your business and we do it to suit your specifications and business models, perfectly.


We all love to hear "The project is finally finished", but in reality a project never ends and rightfully so. We've seen that true intelligence and the essence that determines the success of most projects, usually comes after the project is "finished" and the pressures are gone. In our quest for perfection, we pride ourselves on the fact that we continue to re-visit and improve on previously finalised projects and regularly come up with improved ways of enhancing functionality and profitability.

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